Crystals, Gifts and Homewares

From beautiful hand-picked crystals to hardwood incense, china mugs and handmade candles, these goods will add a bit of boutique style to your home or serve as fantastic gifts.

Urban Jungle Book

Nag Champa Incense

Mala Beads

Selection of energy crystals

Quartz Crystal


Incense Satya Vanilla

Rose Quartz Bracelet

Egyptian Jasmine Incense

Flouride Crystals

Rose Quartz

Satya Sandalwood Incense Sticks

Carnelian Red Combo

Birds Nest Fern Kokedama

Ceramic Tumbler

The Little Book of Crystals

Chakra Mala Beads

Amethyst Crystal

Satya Eastern Tantra Incense

Amethyst Crystal

Jade and Angel Aura Crystals

Quartz Crystal Points

Chakra Lava Mala Beads

Amethyst Crystal Chunk

Energetic Stones for Healing

Rose Crystal

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